Using Nimbus: Cloud computing at Pawsey

This course will introduce you to the use of Nimbus, the research cloud at Pawsey Supercomputing Centre.



Day 1 00:00 1. Getting Started: Housekeeping
00:05 2. Dashboard What is a Nimbus instance?
Where can I manage my Nimbus instance?
00:25 3. Authentication What are key pairs and why do we need them?
How do we set up key pairs for Nimbus?
00:35 4. Instance Creation How do I set instance preferences and options?
How do I launch a configured Nimbus instance?
01:10 Finish
Day 2 00:00 5. Instance Access How do I securely log into a Nimbus instance?
00:20 6. Storage What’s the difference between root and data volumes?
How do I set up a volume to store my working data?
What do I do with my data volume if I want to delete my instance?
00:50 7. Recovery Challenge
01:10 Finish

The actual schedule may vary slightly depending on the topics and exercises chosen by the instructor.